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  • Recipe recreation: Barbecued Ribs & BBQ Chicken Wings

    Check out what @instahomefood has been up to! 'Inspired by some gorgeous weather and Tom Kerridge’s BBQ series I had to give the Barbecued Ribs & BBQ Chicken Wings 3 ways, served with homemade coleslaw & sweet potato fries...' Now this just looks delicious! All credit to @instahomefood. The link to his page is below: [...] Continue Reading
  • Recipe recreation: Pastrami Burger & Lamb Koftas

    @windsor_foodie has only gone and let us share her content from when she made the famous ‘Lamb Koftas and Chicken Wings’ recipe AND the 'Pastrami Burger'! She has been busy! Thanks goes to: Continue Reading
  • Recipe recreation: Seared Tuna Tacos

    @misshangry_ncl was kind enough to let us share her content when she made the famous 'Seared Tuna Taco' recipe on our Party barbecue! Thanks goes to - Continue Reading
  • Meatball & Mozzarella Sub

    BBQ MEATBALL AND MOZZARELLA SUB Serves 4 INGREDIENTS MEATBALLS 350g minced beef (15% fat) 150g sausage meat 2 sprigs rosemary, finely chopped 1 teaspoon onion powder 1 teaspoon garlic powder 30g parmesan cheese, finely 20g dried breadcrumbs 2 Tablespoons milk Salt and freshly ground pepper TOMATO BBQ SAUCE 2 Tablespoon olive oil 4 garlic cloves, [...] Continue Reading
  • Spiced Lamb with Coconut Beans

    Indian spiced Lamb with Coconut Beans - Serves 4/6 INGREDIENTS 1 shoulder of lamb 6 tbsp tandoori curry powder 4 tbsp distilled vinegar 6 tbsp Greek yoghurt 3 tbsp finely chopped ginger 8 cloves of garlic grated 2 tsp table salt 1-2 tbsp dried chilli flakes (depending on how hot you like it) 4 onions [...] Continue Reading
  • Toms Kerridge – Beer-can Chicken

    BBQ Beer-can chicken - Serves 4 INGREDIENTS 1.5kg free range chicken SIMPLE BRINE 2 litres of water 200g table salt JERK SPICE RUB 1 tsp smoked paprika 1 tsp garlic powder 2 tsp medium hot chilli powder ½ ground ginger ½ ground all spice ¼ tsp ground white pepper 1 tsp dried thyme 2 tbsp [...] Continue Reading
  • Spanish Chorizo Burgers

    INGREDIENTS 400g minced pork shoulder 175g soft cooking chorizo sausages, skin removed 25g polenta uncooked 1 tsp picked thyme 1 large onion diced fried till brown like a hot dog onion 3 cloves of garlic, grated ½ tsp toasted cumin, ground to a powder ½ tsp coriander powder 1 tsp smoked paprika 1 red chilli, [...] Continue Reading
  • Tom Kerridge’s Barbecues new series launched

    [ut_animated_image size="full" align="center" image="17614"][ut_animated_image size="custom" align="center" link_type="custom" hover="yes" caption_font_weight="" image="17568" custom_width="350" custom_height="400" link="|||"][ut_animated_image size="custom" align="center" link_type="custom" hover="yes" caption_font_weight="" image="17578" custom_width="350" custom_height="400" link="|||"][ut_animated_image size="custom" align="center" link_type="custom" hover="yes" caption_font_weight="" image="17574" custom_width="350" custom_height="500" link="|||"][ut_animated_image size="full" align="center" image="17614"][ut_animated_image size="custom" align="center" link_type="custom" hover="yes" caption_font_weight="" image="17580" custom_width="350" custom_height="400" link="|||"][ut_animated_image size="custom" align="center" link_type="custom" hover="yes" caption_font_weight="" image="17583" custom_width="350" custom_height="400" link="|||"][ut_animated_image size="custom" align="center" link_type="custom" [...] Continue Reading
  • Using our Charcoal Pizza Barbecue

    [ut_animated_image size="full" align="center" image="14810"] Most important is fueling position and the amount you will need. Use any of our charcoal lumpwood, instant lighting treated or briquettes but the arrangement for these is vital, place in a curve at the back & sided of the barbecue, but not under where the pizza stone will sit - [...] Continue Reading
  • 9 Pointers to learn about BBQ cooking

    Follow these great grill pointers and you will enjoy a better BBQ this summer. 1. Temperature wait It’s pretty stunning, but some people toss cold meat on a cold grill and then fire it up, none the wiser. By letting your steak-maker heat up for about 20 minutes, you’re allowing both the grill and the surrounding [...] Continue Reading
  • Bar-Be-Quick Products you need for the Perfect Picnic!

    National Picnic Week starts on 22nd June, so what better blog to give you? If you follow these ‘rules’ then you’ll be sure to have the perfect picnic with the family!   No picnic is complete without an instant BBQ that is also portable and easy to carry around! Party-BBQ   And of course, you [...] Continue Reading
  • Easy Beer Can Chicken

    PREP TIME, 10 min. - COOKING TIME, 2:30 h - METHOD, Indirect INGREDIENTS 1 x 1.75kg chicken (giblets removed) 1 x small can of beer/lager/cider Dash of olive oil BBQ Seasoning or other spices of your choice So grab yourself a chair and a good book to read while it cooks as this super easy [...] Continue Reading
  • Smoke & Grill Thermometer Calibration

    If you are having issues with the thermometer on the Smoke & Grill you can calibrate it simply hold the rear of the device carefully over a boiling kettle or in boiling water using pliers to handle safely. Wait for a minute to stabilize then quickly read the pointer position - then rotate the screw [...] Continue Reading
  • 5 Tasty Top Tips on how to Make the Best Grilled Vegetables

    Many people get into grilling for the wonders it works on meat. However, grilling vegetables can be just as rewarding. If you have friends or family that don’t eat meat, it’s a great way to get them in on the fun. Even if you don’t, grilled vegetables are delicious and will make your meals healthier [...] Continue Reading
  • How much charcoal for my BBQ?

    That's the most asked/searched for question we get ... " how much charcoal should I use for my BBQ?" The question you really need to know first is what your intending to cook, how long its going to cook and for how many. Plus along with the size of your grill and the method your cooking [...] Continue Reading
  • Simple Low & Slow Pulled Pork shoulder on our Smoke & Grill

    Our Smoke & Grill is only a fraction the price of the rivals but will do just as good a job of the long "low and slow" 6 hr cooks needed, so here is a simple cook method & recipe to try out using our smoker as its designed, and become a pitmaster. Our smoker has 3 [...] Continue Reading
  • A stay at home VE Party BBQ?

     VE Day Stay At Home Street Party , people can still celebrate the day with their neighbours whilst observing social distancing and staying at home. Organisers are encouraging the public to decorate the outside of their homes in red, white and blue, bunting and flags to mark the occasion, so that whole streets are adorned [...] Continue Reading
  • Teriyaki Pork Kebabs with a Colourful Salad

    This quick and easy recipe for BBQ Pork Kebabs is a great midweek meal. Make sure you watch our quick and easy video below. Serves:- 4 Preparation Time:- 10 mins Cooking Time:- 15 mins Ingredients For the vegetable salad 2 large courgettes 2 large carrots 150g green beans, cooked 1tbsp orange juice 1tbsp white sesame seeds 1tbsp sunflower [...] Continue Reading
  • Our Vision and Mission

    At Bar-Be-Quick we thrive in giving our customers the best experience possible and we wanted to share with you our goals because we want you to feel like you’re important to us, because you are! We have two main goals here at Bar-Be-Quick, a vision and a mission. These are:  Vision: To be the brand [...] Continue Reading
  • Having a vegan barbecue?

    [ut_animated_image size="custom" align="center" image="14088" custom_width="800" custom_height="600"][ut_gallery_slider image_size="custom" type="carousel" autoplay="true" slides="14072,14073,14074,14075,14077,14078,14080,14081,14082,14085,14086" image_custom_width="800" image_custom_height="600"] Continue Reading
  • Restaurant grade meal using a party BBQ

    It was the first in a new series today with ITV's 'James Martins Island to Highlands, he just shows you can cook more than the usual 'burgers 'n' bangers' but if you're going to watch James cook a great duck breast meal on an Instant Party BBQ it is on the last part at the [...] Continue Reading
  • Teriyaki garlic glazed BBQ ribs

    These super easy sticky glazed ribs with sweet garlic are a perfect barbecue meal for summer. Simple to make, they taste delicious. Serves4 Preparation Time:- 15 mins Additional Time:- 30 mins marinating time Cooking Time:- 1 hour 15 mins Nutrition per serving Energy:- 1039 Kcals Fat:- 81.4g Saturated Fat:- 30g Ingredients 1.5kg pork spare ribs 1 bottle Kikkoman Teriyaki Marinade 1 [...] Continue Reading
  • Teriyaki Halloumi & Vegetable Skewers Recipe

    Teriyaki Halloumi & Vegetable Skewers - super easy and delicious vegetarian meal using halloumi cheese and Kikkoman teriyaki marinade. Ideal for barbecues or simply cook under the grill. It's summer eating on a plate. Serves4 Preparation Time-15 mins Additional Time-30 mins marinating Cooking Time-10 mins Ingredients 400g halloumi cheese, cubed 1 red onions, peeled and [...] Continue Reading
  • How to barbecue the perfect steak

    Cook your next steak perfectly plus looking good using this BBQ tip. Set your grill for direct cooking and allow the grate to get fully heated, all vents fully opened if you have them. Make sure your steaks are at room temperature and NOT straight from the fridge other wise they won't be cooked in [...] Continue Reading