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  1. RC

    Charcoal is the best I’ve come across

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  2. RC

    Excellent service.

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  3. VC

    Great piece of kit . The ultimate BBQ. Could not resist buying it at this bargain price 50% off. Been after one for a few years but I could not personally justify paying the price of these Kamado BBQ. Other makes are even more expensive. Then came Barbequicks big sale, and my Weber kettle BBQ was put out to pasture. Not had chance to use it yet . I’m a fair weather bbq-er. But I have fully assembled it. Assembly is not rocket science either . But it’s definitely a 2 person lift to put the main body of the BBQ into the stand.

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  4. VC

    Great service. Website easy to navigate. Delivery was super quick. Delivery guys great and friendly

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  5. IW

    Perfect solution right now in the freezing UK, where crazy energy prices mean many cannot afford to put their heating on. Wear this under warm clothes and you have built in central heating for 5 hours! Very good quality design. It feels amazingly cosy!

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