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Remember our Seaside Safety message!


Seaside Safety’ campaign is being run during the summer season to educate us all on the safe ways of using an Instant Barbecue on a public beach.

We all know that there is nothing better than to head to the coast for a barbecue on a sunny day. Wind in your hair, sea lapping at your feet and the amazing smells drifting up from your barbecue, but all to often some people can forget the potential dangers of unsafe disposal of the units after they have finished eating.

Here’s some do’s and don’ts to help stay safe.

• DON’T bury the barbecue in the sand. Sand can act as in insulator not an extinguisher, it can become extremely hot creating hazardous temperatures for unsuspecting feet.
• DO extinguish with sea water and allow to cool completely
• DON’T Leave cooling barbecues unattended.
• DO dampen the sand with sea water where the barbecue has been sitting. The sand underneath the barbecue can reach a dangerous 400 degrees centigrade
• DON’T Leave the used barbecues on the beach. Always take your rubbish with you, if left to wash away the barbecues can become harmful to our marine animals.
• DO pick up the cooled unit and either take to the nearest bin or take home with you.

Once used…

Extinguish the barbecue completely with water/seawater and allow it to fully cool. Don’t bury the barbecue in the sand as the sand acts as an insulator, not an extinguisher, reaching high temperatures when in contact with the barbecue. A hazardous temperature for unsuspecting feet! Once fully cooled, dispose of the barbecue responsibly. Pour more water over the sand where the barbecue has been sitting to ensure this area has returned to a safe temperature.

Watch the video below to see the correct use of an instant barbecue when on the beach.

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Place the barbecue at least 2 metres from dry grass. DO NOT use directly on ANY surface, it needs a suitable air gap underneath using bricks or a stand, make sure it’s placed onto a firm, non flammable, heat resistant surface. The barbecue has a special starter paper. Hold a flame under one corner of the paper until lit then wait for the flaming from the barbecue to fully stop. It can take 20 minutes for flames to die down but ONLY start to cook once stopped. Extinguish fully with water once you have finished cooking. #coolitquick

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Shrub encroachment from invader bush infringes prime agricultural land and is a major issue within the African agricultural industry. Shrub encroached areas often suffer from reduced ground-water recharge which in turn affects plant and animal diversity. The utilisation of the problem species for the manufacture of charcoal has been accepted as an environmentally friendly process. This improves rangelands and allows farmers to reclaim grazing land, resulting in the coppiced wood being turned into charcoal.

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The outer shrinkwrap is recyclable through soft plastic recycle bins located at retail stores across the UK. The label and cardboard tray are recyclable through your local waste paper/card collection scheme. The aluminium tray is fully recyclable as is the steel cooking grill, ideally through your local waste recycling centre. Remaining ash in the tray after use can be used in the garden once fully cooled – added to the compost bin or sprinkled around your plants. Remember, not all plants like pot-ash so be cautious with its use.

Seaside Safety