Pizza Peel – Paddle

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Product Features:
• Material: Aluminium blade with removable wooden handle
• Perfect for use with large pizza ovens
• Also ideal for bread ovens
• Hand wash only

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This pizza peel is a must-have for any pizza lover! Made from durable aluminum, it is lightweight yet strong enough to handle even the heaviest of pizzas. The removable handle makes it easy to store and clean, and the wide surface area allows for a smooth transfer of your pizza from the counter to the oven or grill, it’s the perfect accessory for our Kettle Pizza Barbecue or the Pizza Kamado alike.

The peel’s smooth and tapered edge ensures that your pizza slides off easily, preventing any accidental toppings from spilling over. The handle is removable, and it’s easy to clean, making it a great addition to any kitchen. The peel’s large surface area allows you to add toppings without worrying about overcrowding. This peel is perfect for both home chefs and professional pizza makers alike.

• Width: 305mm
• Length: 915mm
• Depth: 25mm
• Weight: 650g

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