Instant Barbecue

How to light & dispose of responsibly.

Instant Light Charcoal

Lighting the inner bag.

Lighting Briquettes

How to light using wood wool firelighters.

Lumpwood lighting

How to do this easily

BBQ & Oven Cleaner

Cleaning your barbecue

Strikeable Firelighters

How to light Lumpwood or Briquettes

Instant BBQ’s

Where & what to place your Instant BBQ on.

Lighting charcoal

How to light when using a starter chimney…

Building a build-in BBQ.

For our build-in barbecue.

Chimney Starter

How to light lumpwood using lighting blocks.

Fueling the Smoke’N’Grill

How much and what temp!

Chimney Starter

How to light Briquettes using wood wool.

The Build-In barbecue

Our best selling barbecue in action.

Smoke and Grill BBQ

Using our american style smoker barbecue.

Kamado Rotisserie

A great accessory to have.

Grab’n’Grill bag

Lighting our handy grab bags.

Firelog fuel

Lighting our easy light fuel log.

Restaurant Charcoal

Lighting our professional charcoal.


How to use our internal french patio door lock.


Using our dual Firepit/BBQ

Our Winter Warmers

Keeps you cosy…

Dual Firepit & Barbecue

How to build…

Smoke & Grill

How to build…

Tandoori Smoker & Grill

Using our Tandoori Smoker & Grill

Charcoal Pizza Kettle BBQ

Full build…

Trolley Grill & Bake BBQ

Speed build…

Tandoori BBQ

Speed build…

Charcoal Pizza Kamado

The ultimate grill…

The Snug Bud

Will keep you warm for hours…