Are our Instant Barbecues recyclable?

Let’s break it down for you:

Film wrap – 100% recyclable!

Paper label – 100% recyclable!

Steel grill – Recycle me!

Wax paper – Made from recycled material.

FSC charcoal – Fully sustainable!

Foil tray – 100% recyclable!


The outer shrink-wrap is recyclable through soft plastic recycle bins located at retail stores across the UK. The label and cardboard tray are recyclable through your local waste paper/card collection scheme. The aluminium tray is fully recyclable as is the steel cooking grill, ideally through your local waste recycle centre. Remaining ash in the tray after use can be used in the garden once fully cooled – added to the compost bin or sprinkled around your plants. Remember, not all plants like pot-ash so be cautious with its use.


For more info visit: It’s Fully Recyclable – Bar-Be-Quick (