Did you know you can BBQ in the rain?!

Can you really BBQ in the rain?!


The weather hasn’t been great at the moment BUT were here to give you some good news! Did you know all weather is BBQ weather? Even the rain. Here’s some hints and tips to help you enjoy a grilled kebab in the recent showers…


  • Plan plan plan! Planning in advance ensures you’re not multitasking on the day and the focus can be on a dry BBQ and scrummy food!
  • You will need a gazebo or an umbrella. Keep in mind you should not light a barbecue in closed spaces. Your goal here is to keep your BBQ dry.
  • Are you barbecuing in your garden or further afield? If you’re camping in the wild, invest in a good tent to wine and dine in.
  • Use a barbecue with a lid.
  • Add extra fuel
  • Cook slower and on a lower temperature – this will even advance the mouth-watering smoky flavours!


Did you know… A rainy day means the air is humid. The humidity reduces evaporation, keeping your food moist and juicy for longer.