TIPS on how much charcoal to actually use on your BBQ?

Ok you’re having a barbecue this weekend but how much is the recommended amount of charcoal that is needed to cook on without overloading the grill, it is all down to the size of your bbq grill diameter. Our 3kg Instant Light packs are suitable for 1-2 family BBQ’s.
The sizes we will use in this example is 30cm and 40cm, but if your grill is larger just use the measures as a guide to increase the numbers by.

Briquettes on a Portable BBQ

There are of course two methods of cooking on your barbecue…

Size:- 30-35 cm dia Indirect cook, eg. our portable BBQ.

Using our Briquettes – 7 coals each side then add 5 per hour

Using our Instant Light or Lumpwood – 0.3kg each side then add 0.15kg per hour.

40-45 cm dia Indirect cook, eg. our mini kettle BBQ.

Briquettes – 15 coals each side then add 7 per hour

Instant Light or Lumpwood – 0.7kg each side then add 0.25kg per hour

Size:- 30-35 cm dia Direct cook.

Using our Briquettes – 24 coals across the grill, then add up to 10 coals per hour.

Using our Instant Light or Lumpwood – 0.5kg then add 0.25kg per hour.

40-45 cm dia Direct cook.

Briquettes – 30 coals then add 12 per hour

Instant Light Use 1 inner bag  or our Lumpwood – 1.5kg then add 0.50kg per hour

Some bbq’s have a measuring cup or improvise with a suitable dish/plastic bowl even a flower pot! – to make this easier to judge.

Light the starting amount in one go then arrange as needed using long tongs and a bbq glove/mitt to protect your hand from the heat.