10 Top Tips For Winter Grilling

  1. If you can, prepare most/all of your food inside a nice warm area – you don’t want to be outside in the cold/wind for any more time than is absolutely necessary!
  2. Consider moving your BBQ/Cooking area to minimise walking distance to the barbecue – and if you can, have your BBQ close to a structure, like the outside wall of your house, as this will shield you from the elements and ensure you are sheltered as much as possible
  3. Use ceramic cookware if you can, ceramic is a fantastic insulator and will retain plenty of heat in your food
  4. Ensure your charcoal is properly lit, and ensure the grill has plenty of time to warm up before you grill. You will probably want a shorter BBQ than in summer – so we suggest using the Bar-Be-Quick Instant Lighting Charcoal. Simple to light, no fuss with firelighters/lighting fluids!
  5. Adjust your cooking time accordingly, try cooking with thinner/smaller pieces of meat than you would do in summer – so you are not outside in the cold as longer!
  6. Have a fire-pit nearby to help you keep warm outside but make sure all your clothing is tucked away – the last thing you need is a scarf on fire…
  7. Make sure you keep the lid of the barbecue down as much as possible, this will retain the heat on your BBQ.
  8. During the winter months, ensure your charcoal is stored in a dry place, or else when you come to use it, it may not light!
  9. Don’t be tempted to take your BBQ indoors, and grill in your garage. Charcoal is of course a fire risk, and carbon monoxide poisoning can result from burning charcoal in poorly ventilated areas.
  10. Enjoy! I doesn’t have to be hot and sunny to enjoy a BBQ – Christmas Turkey outside anyone?