Christmas Party Game Ideas

Check out these top 10 game ideas for a fabulous family Christmas at home!

1: Pin the nose on Rudolph
All you need is a picture of Rudolph, some red noses and a blindfold!
Put Rudolph’s picture up on the wall, blindfold someone and help them spin a few times to make them dizzy (it’s part of the fun!)

Next, watch them struggle as they realise that trying to pin Rudolph’s nose in the correct place whilst being dizzy and blindfolded is harder than they thought!

Check out this link to download a printable Rudolph thanks to Jessie K Design…

Pin The Nose On Rudolph FREE Printable Game » Jessie K Design

2: Ring the Reindeer
This is a quick and easy one – draw a Reindeer’s face onto the front of a large cardboard box. Decorate how you wish (the more tinsel the better!) and you could even use an old bauble as a nose.
Using another large piece of carboard cut out and paint/colour in some antlers and then slot and secure them into the top of the box (you may want to cut extra cardboard to prop the antlers up from the back.)
Twist some pipe cleaners together into a hoop shape and then you are ready to go.

The person that gets the most hoops on the antlers wins!

3: Oven Gloves Game
Does anyone have the skill that it takes to open your presents whilst wearing oven gloves?! You’ll be sure to have fun with this game!
How long will it take you to open a gift? And how long will you be trying for before you give up?

Stick the gloves on and time each other opening 1 gift to see who can do it the fastest! 

4: Christmas Bingo
A game of Christmas bingo can make any Christmas party a whole lot of fun!
Cross off the festive symbols are they are read out and the first person to get a line or full house before anyone else shouts ‘BINGO’ and wins the game!

Check out this link and print your Christmas Bingo Game thanks to…

Christmas-BINGO.pdf (

5: Hungry Snowman
Grab a box or piece of cardboard, draw you a snowman’s face on it with a big open mouth and paint/colour in.
Cut a hole where the snowman’s mouth is, you want it to be big enough to fit a small ball/rolled up paper ball through it. Do you see where we’re going here?!
Then step a few meters away and see how many points you can gain by throwing the ball right into that snowman’s mouth.

Take in turns and the highest score wins!

6: Stack Santa’s hat/Festive cups
Grab some red or white plastic cups (you can get in your local supermarket)
With the red cups… stick a white pom pom or a cotton wool ball on the top and you have a Santa’s hat.
Or with the white cups you can decorate them in any festive theme if you wish. Go on… get creative!

Then simply stack them to see how tall you can get them before the ‘tower’ falls. The team or individual with the highest ‘intact’ tower wins!

7: Guess who…
The person judging the game will take 1 present from under the tree for each person playing and will then take a quick picture of each gift on their phone with the label showing (so they can see who its for) and keeps it a secret.
They then remove the name tags from the gifts and share them out amongst the players.
Once they’ve opened the present the players have to guess who it might have been for and gift it to them!
The person judging then reveals the answers and you get to see who got it wrong or right…

Don’t worry, in the end everyone will get the right gift, it’s all about the fun!

8: Candy Cane Hunt
Candy canes are the ultimate Christmas sweet!
Hide some around the house and/or garden to keep the kids busy whilst you’re making Christmas dinner.
Some of them could be in obvious places, but some could take hours to find!

9: What can you smell?
Christmas smells only please!
Get your blindfold and have some fun. Whether it be a Christmas pudding, nutmeg or gingerbread whoever is guessing the smell has to wear the blindfold. No cheating!

The person with the most correct answers wins!

And finally…

10: Santa Hat Drinking Game
All you need for this game is a Santa hat and a TV…Hang your Santa hat on the top corner of your TV, slightly overlapping the screen and every time someone on TV ‘wears’ this hat you have to complete a task. Whether that be run round in a circle 3 times or shout something out it will be fun for all the family.

For the adults in the house we would recommend taking a sip of drink!


We hope that the games listed above provide you and your family with some fun this Christmas.

From all of us here at Bar-Be-Quick – Merry Christmas!