First thing to do when you get a Kamado is?

DO the CURE burn…

… as this will burn off any manufacturing residues that may be in the internal ceramics that can taint your first cook, yes it’s new, yes it’s going to get sooty and dirty but you REALLY need to do this.

It’s simple to do just light a small amount of charcoal and bring up to a ‘baking temperature’ range on the dial around 150•C with the top and bottom vent half-open and leave it at this for around 20-30 minutes once up to temperature, then let it cool and the cure is done. – We will have a video showing the process soon over on out videos page.


Also Cleaning Rusty Cast Iron Skillet Pans

Soaked it in white vinegar/water solution for about 30/40mins longer if it’s really bad but careful of pitting. Wash it off using soap and water with a stiff brush/sponge. Some wire wool after and a stiff sponge and soap and water to get all the rust off. Then season with flak seed oil, aka linseed oil. Rub a little oil on you need multiple thin layers.  Use the oven or on the bbq. Wipe oil on, wipe off the excess then warm it up. It needs to be really hot 250•c+ till its smokes. Do 4 layers which is plenty to prevent re rusting.